When I was growing up, whether we had the money or not, my mom always made Christmas into a pretty epic event. While everything was pretty laid back, we had a few traditions that we followed through on without fail every year.

A few of those traditions included picking out a Christmas tree to put up the day after Thanksgiving, hot chocolate while we drove around looking at Christmas lights on Christmas eve and opening one present each when we got home that night. I guess I never realized until I was grown that these were even tradition. Naive as it was, I just assumed most families did everything the same as we did.

When my husband and I moved in together, we kept a few of my family’s traditions, some of his and have come up with a few of our own over the years. We still put the tree up on Black Friday (usually) and I still love looking at Christmas lights on Christmas eve. We don’t have children, so we keep things pretty simple, exchanging a couple of small gifts with each other and watching Christmas movies in our pj’s.

What are some of your favorite traditions? Which ones have you kept from your childhood? Which ones have you adopted?


One thought on “Tradition

  1. We always celebrated on Christmas Eve. We would go to my grandparents, where we always had our traditional Christmas dinner of Pirogi’s. (Yum) When we got older we still celebrated on Christmas Eve. Everyone would go to my parents house after they were done working. We ate our traditional Christmas meal (Pirogi’s) and after we would open our gifts. Dad always liked to have Christmas day as a day of rest since he didn’t have much time off when I was little. It hasn’t been the same since he is gone, Christmas was his favorite time of year.


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