Fangirl Friday

Regardless of what WordPress tells me, it’s Friday night here and I’m gonna tell you what I’ve been fangirling over all week.

Stevie Nicks.

To be fair, this isn’t a new thing for me. I’ve been voice crushing hard on her for years, so it seemed fitting that I pay tribute to her first. The only person who compares to her is the one and only Mr. Freddie Mercury. I love them both, I can’t pick a favorite between the two. Since I’m loving on her today, though, Stevie wins the week.

I love music, but oh my God, there’s just something about Stevie that is magic. She’s got that crazy unique rasp, her lyrics are like poetry that was designed to reach into the depths of the soul and just squeeze. Don’t even get me started on her killer style. The world would have been a more beautiful place with any one of her amazing talents, but we get them all and that’s pretty amazing.

There’s no way you can listen to Edge of Seventeen and not feel empowered. There’s no way you can listen to Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You and not want to sing it with all your heart. You cannot hear Rhiannon without feeling something. Go on, try it. I challenge you. If not for me and Stevie, do it for the world. (That’s totally one of her lyrics. She’s amazing, right?)

So there’s my fangirl Friday. Who or what is yours?


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