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In honor of its one year publishing anniversary, Kate Benson has made her standalone, Beyond the Pine, FREE for the first time ever!

Beyond The Pine (Standalone) by Kate Benson

***This book contains adult content that is intended for mature readers***

Watch and pray that you may not enter temptation…

What if in one moment, you find out your life—your entire existence was a lie?

When rogue, nomad biker Asher Reed finds himself on the side of the road injured from an accident, he assumes he’s taken his final ride. Waking days later in an infirmary located within a secret, religious compound, his first impulse is to run. His church had always been the road, and he, the last man who should be among the faithful. When his raven-haired caretaker appears, his instincts and everything he once believed in diminishes, leaving only temptation.

The spirit indeed is willing…

Riley Chapman had long ago resigned herself to a life of order, reverence, and duty. Her coveted role as assistant to the Reverend should be enough to keep her happy, content with her life. Her whole life she wondered about what was on the other side of the tree line she’d always been told would keep her safe.

What if she wasn’t safe anymore?

But the flesh is weak.

When a chance encounter pulls Asher and Riley together and temptation is too much to resist, how can they keep their dangerous secret? In a place where secrets are sins and the trustworthy can’t be trusted, who will they turn to in search of salvation?

Beyond the Pine is a dark, multi-POV standalone romance that will have you gasping, swooning and on the edge of your seat.



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